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Emergency Roadside Service

Car being towed by professional towing service

How to Prepare for and Handle Roadside Emergencies

Roadside emergencies can happen at any time, whether you’re on a long road trip or just driving around town. Whether it’s a flat tire, a dead battery, or a mechanical breakdown, it’s important to know what to do in case of an emergency. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with tips on how to prepare for and handle roadside emergencies.

Tip 1: Prepare an Emergency Kit

Before hitting the road, it’s important to prepare an emergency kit with essential items like a flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables, tire repair kit, and blankets. Make sure to also have a fully charged cell phone and a portable charger on hand.

Tip 2: Stay Safe on the Roadside

If you experience a roadside emergency, it’s important to stay safe while waiting for assistance. Move your car as far off the road as possible and turn on hazard lights. Stay inside your car with doors locked if possible, and if you need to get out, do so on the side away from traffic.

Tip 3: Call a Professional Towing Service

If you’re unable to fix the problem on your own, it’s important to call a professional towing service for assistance. A towing service can provide emergency roadside assistance, including battery service, fuel delivery, tire change, and more. Make sure to choose a reliable and reputable towing service for the best results.

Tip 4: Know Your Insurance Coverage

Before hitting the road, make sure to know your insurance coverage for roadside emergencies. Check for coverage for towing and roadside assistance, and make sure to understand the terms and conditions of the coverage. Keep a copy of your insurance card and policy in your car at all times.


Roadside emergencies can be scary and stressful, but by following these tips, you can prepare for and handle them safely and efficiently. Remember to prepare an emergency kit, stay safe on the roadside, call a professional towing service if necessary, and know your insurance coverage. Trust All Towing and Recovery for all your emergency roadside needs in New Port Richey, FL. Contact us today for fast and reliable assistance.

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